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4-14 ET Line-boring

York 4-14 Line Boring Machine
Bores from 1.5 to 16”
“Reduce Your Heavy Equipment Down Time”

Portable machining has made remarkable progress with innovative tooling. Portable machine tools have improved field machining with a new approach to line boring and bore welding. York boring bars are well suited for bores in heavy equipment. Portable line boring with the 4-14 line-boring tool works great on-site or in the shop.

The York portable boring machine is powerful, flexible, and easy to use.

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830 Smart Weld

York 8-30 Smart Weld Bore Welder
Weld Bores from 1.5 to 30"
"A New Approach to Bore Welding"

The latest in bore welder advancements. Our Smart Weld Systems model BW-830 surpasses current bore welder technology. It’s the first bore welder of its kind that does all the weld speed calculations for you. There is no maze of wires or complicated setup. All the cables are enclosed in the mig whip making it very user friendly.

The Smart Weld control panel guides you step by step through the various modes available to you; Circular weld, Segment weld, and Skip weld. The display can also be set to either English or Spanish and can display in imperial or metric measurement.

The York bore welder is a full function mig system for ID or OD weld build up, it utilizes step technology, and it works with a wide array of wire. Its extensive bore range of 1.5 to 30” gives this machine more range than any other.

The Smart Weld BW-830 is rated at 250 amps, allowing you to use standard .035 to 0.45 wire for extended run times. The Smart Weld BW-830 is capable of running many types of wire including flux core, stainless, inconel and aluminium bronze. The Smart Weld BW-830 utilizes your wire feeder and welder so if you can hand weld it, you should be able to automate the process.

The Smart Weld BW-830 will mount to most portable boring bar setups; it also works great in a machine shop on the optional tripod base.

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 12-36 Boring Bar

York 12-36 Line Boring Machine
Large Diameter Bores from 8 to 36"
"Featuring the latest advancements in Boring Bar technology"

Twin Lead Screws - insure a consistent feed and improved finish

Shock Absorbing Dampers - reduce tool impact for longer tool life

10 Hp Hydrostatic Bar Drive - forward/reverse and variable speeds

Independent Feed Speeds - control feed speeds from our convenient remote

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Model 2000 & 2500 Boring Bar

York's Large Diameter Boring Bars are specially designed for the shipbuilding industry. Boring diameters from 400mm to 1600mm.

The Model 2000 machine uses an 8" diameter boring bar to machine bores from 16" to 60" diameter.

The Model 2500 machine uses an 10" diameter boring bar for boring from 28" to 72" diameter.

The boring bar comes chrome plated and has two leadscrews at 180 degrees to feed the cutter head smoothly along the full length. The bars are available in lengths of 30'. Both machines are powered by a 40 HP hydraulic power unit that features a hand held remote control for setting the feeds and speeds. If you have large bores that need machining, York has the machine to do the job. 

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“Reduce Your Heavy Equipment Down Time"


Linear Mill  72

Precision Surface Milling

This portable thre axis milling machine is designed for precision milling of critical mounting surfaces. Capable of a variety of on-site machining for large areas where dismantling is not practical.

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Powerful, flexible, and easy to use.