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Bore Welding Machines

York 8-30 Smart Weld Bore Welder
The latest in bore welder advancements; our Smart Weld Systems model BW-830 surpasses current bore welder technology. It’s the first bore welder of its kind that does all the weld speed calculations for you. There is no maze of wires or complicated setup. All the cables are enclosed in the mig whip making it very user friendly.
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York 612 Easy Weld Bore Welder
Introducing the first entry level bore welder with an adjustable step feature that allows you to control the weld bead placement. Other machines use a spiral feed which forces the operator to modify the welding parameters to suit the limitations of the bore welder.
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York BW 1200 500 Amp Welder

The BW 1200 is York's largest bore welder. This 500 amp welder has a range of 12 to 120 inches with optional weld strokes of 24, 36 and 48 inches. Torch lengths from 12 inches to 10+ feet.

The welder is programmable, uses water cooled torches and has a maximum current of 500 amps. This welder will be configured to suit your requirements, torch and extensions to be selected based on the application.

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