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In-Line Turning Machine

Variable Speed and Rotation Speeds

DIAMETERS FROM 4-10” or 8-16”

Both Feed and Rotation are hydraulically driven and independently adjustable while in use.

The York 5HP Power Supply is hydrostatic, meaning we offer full speed control in forward and reverse. While in use, speeds can be changed should machining conditions change. 300-400 surface ft. per minute is optimal for carbide tooling. One motor is all you need over the full operating range.

  • Features That Measure Up
  • Induction hardened chrome guide bars
  • Precision linear guide bearings
  • Twin lead screws for balanced feeding
  • Capable of doing stub shafts or in line turning
  • Variable and reversible feed rates
  • Variable and reversible hydrostatic rotation rates
  • Threading and milling optional
  • X/Y adjustable mounting
  • Custom sizes for unique applications
  • High quality alloys and fittings
  • 20ft hoses


5 HP Hydraulic Unit specs (PDF)

10 HP Hydraulic Unit  specs (PDF)

All Products are shipped EXW Vancouver, BC